We are long-term focused and invest for generations. As stewards of the land, we are committed to running a responsible operation. We utilize environmental practices such as smartly sourced materials, soil health, resource management and integrated pest management.

Smartly Sourced Materials

As part of our commitment to sustainable sourcing, we foster constructive long-term relationships with suppliers that share our focus on environmentally responsible and sustainable business practices. Our supplier of box material uses recycled paper products which are compliant with the Sustainable Forestry Initiative. The volume of paper in each box has also been reduced to help push sustainability even further. Any waste cardboard or paper products are collected and recycled at our tray and pad supplier. Our supplier uses recycled material to manufacture top pads, trays and layer pads. Smartly sourced materials ensures we will reduce waste and help sustain a healthy environment.

Soil Health

Incorporating sustainable agricultural techniques for soil health will enable Washington Fruit to meet customer’s needs without compromising the land. Soil is a mixture of minerals, air, water and organic materials. We promote healthier soil life by planting cover crops to build soil biomass. Our non-till practices include mowing, chipping, and recycling most plant matter, which helps foster a healthy soil ecosystem by building soil structure and increasing our ability to manage precious soil moisture. Our use of mulch, compost and beneficial soil biotics provide a thriving biodiversity of microbiota, fungi and insects, that ultimately build a healthy and productive soil for generations to come.

Resource Management

Conservation and stewardship are highly important to Washington Fruit, as we understand conserving natural resources will enable our operation to sustain far into the future. Water conservation is strictly enforced on company-owned ranches and our packing line. Micro-sprinklers, drip-irrigation systems, and soil moisturizing probes are used to minimize energy and water waste. Grass is planted between rows to minimize soil erosion, and grass clippings are kept in the orchard rows as mulch and fertilizer to increase water retention. A constant supply of freshwater is required for safe and sanitary operation of our packing line; however, we designed our line around the framework of conservation. Our low-volume nozzles and high-pressure rinse systems conserve water and our in-line filtration systems allow us to recirculate water throughout the packing process.

Integrated Pest Management

Our team supports IPM with the aid of natural beneficials, biologicals and organic inputs. We promote a synergistic partnership to improve the sustainability of our farms and the ecosystem.

Pride & Dedication

Washington Fruit is dedicated to our customers and employees alike, which is deeply rooted in our core values of honesty and integrity. Growing, packing and shipping the finest fruit to customers around the world continues to be the company’s top priority.