Our History

Our story began when Fred B. Plath recognized the unlimited potential of Central Washington, and how it could shape the tree fruit industry. The rich soil, superior growing conditions and abundant access to water enabled world-class tree fruit to grow and flourish throughout the region.

Our Roots Run Deep

Washington Fruit & Produce was incorporated in 1916 to grow, pack and ship only the finest quality tree fruit under the independent label. A partnership with Mount Adams Fruit was later formed in the 1940’s, providing Washington Fruit with access to pears and an abundance of high quality cherries and apples from the Pacific Northwest.

Growing Towards the Future

Our most recent partnership includes Roche Fruit Company, a like-minded apple packer in Yakima with a modern facility, as well as their sales team Yakima Fresh.  Through these partnerships, Washington Fruit Growers is able to better serve our customers with fresh, high-quality produce year-round.

Over 100 Years of Quality

Washington Fruit Growers has spent more than a century perfecting our processes to deliver premium fruit to market. Today, Washington Fruit Growers is a vertically integrated, family-run organization comprised of Washington Fruit, Mount Adams Fruit and Roche Fruit Company. Modern horticultural practices coupled with aggressive renovation and orchard development programs have enabled us to produce high-quality, desirable fruit and adapt to the ever-changing environment.

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